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Startec is always enthusiastic and young people with
ambition can leave the door open.
Startec due to rapid growth in exports of creative thinking with young talent with the sachet expansion will lead to the development of innovative and ambitious talent to the public offering below.
I ask a lot of support and attention.
+ Qualifications
Development - Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, college graduates
Production(man/woman 0 Persons) - New and experienced, High school, Gimpo factory work
+ Salaries and treatment
Company policy
4 insurance, retirement, time allowances, 5 working days, Lunch, Dinner during overtime, Vacation (annual / monthly / Vacation)
+ Documents to be submitted
Resume (contact specified, photo attached), personal statement, a copy of the resident registration
+ Office hour
AM 08:30 ~ PM 17:30
Num Subject Name Date Hit
1 2014년 상반기 채용공고 안내입니다. Startec 04-06 578
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